The first Compete2Earn project based on TON, Polygon ecosystems.
The goal of the project is to create a project to improve the health of the population by motivating the loss / earnings of funds without a pyramidal component.

Used currencies:
HLT (Healthy life token - game token)

*not in alpha version
How to start?

1) Install the application
2) Register
3) Create/connect a wallet
4) Get your CryptoPet NFT
5) Start a competition

*The scale of steps for completing tasks and obtaining HLT is reset every 24 hours.
Game components

The game has a marketplace where users can buy/sell CryptoPets.
Upon first logging into the game, each user is given a free NFT trial of the reduced-performance CryptoPet.

Users can purchase a CryptoPet with the best performance on the marketplace or through an in-game achievements system.
Users can use HLT to feed or level up their CryptoPets.

Each new level provides 5 performance points for the CryptoPet, which the user can invest in the attributes of his active CryptoPet.
Attributes, rarity, and types of CryptoPets

CryptoPets have 3 attributes:
- Efficiency (responsible for the amount of HLT in chests)
- Luck (responsible for the number of chests with HLT on the map and the chance of getting a CryptoPet booster)
- Stamina (responsible for the survivability of a CryptoPet)

Rarity of CryptoPets:
- Poor (2000 steps per day at level 0). Issued free of charge upon registration. Cannot be used for minting a new CryptoPet.
- Common (4000 steps per day at level 0). Each CryptoPet on your account adds 500 steps to your total.
- Uncommon (6000 steps per day at level 0). Each CryptoPet on your account adds 2000 steps to your total.
- Rare (8000 steps per day at level 0). Each CryptoPet on your account adds 4000 steps to your total.
- Epic (10000 steps per day at level 0). Each CryptoPet on your account adds 6000 steps to your total.
- Legendary (20000 steps per day at level 0). Each CryptoPet on your account adds 10000 steps to your total.
CryptoPets battle
The Battle of CryptoPets is an additional game section in the application. In this section, players can compete with other players by participating in the battles of their CryptoPets.

The Battle of CryptoPets is a turn-based battle, where each of the players on each turn must choose which part (head, body, legs) to protect and which to attack. CryptoPet stats play an important role in calculating attack, health, and defense.

When participating in the battle of CryptoPets, each of the players purchases a ticket to the Arena. The winner of the battle receives the total prize.

Competitive component

Users, by attaching their wallets, can purchase tickets to participate in competitions.
Competitions are generated every hour and start at HH:00 of the next hour if there are 2 or more participants.

The price of entry into the competition and the % of winners vary and provide users with a choice.

For example:
Challenge: Walk 100,000 steps
Number of participants: 100 players
Currency: TON
Ticket price: 10 TON
Prize fund: 1000 TON
% of winners: 50%

Each of the 100 players participates in the challenge with a ticket price of 10 TON. As a result, prize fund will be 1000 TON.

950 TON will be distributed equally among the first 50% (50 players) who complete the challenge.
As a result, each winner of the challenge will receive 19 TON, and the other 50% of defeated players will lose 10 TON.

*5% commission is charged to support STEPOGRAM and HLT token.
Advanced competitive systems (Marathons)

This functionality will allow third-party interested companies/communities to create their own types of competitions with a certain prize fund and motivate users to participate in them.

Marathons will allow companies to attract a large number of users to their brand by creating thematic pages of their marathons within the project.

There are also Marathans from Stepogram. They will match the competition. All users purchase an entry ticket and can participate in a week-long marathon, where the 50% who get the most steps will receive a prize.
Game mechanics

The number of available steps per day is limited by the rarity and level of the active pet, as well as the rarity and number of other passive CryptoPets on the user's account.
CryptoPets have a health indicator, which will limit the number of HLT tokens in chests, in case of its decrease.

HLT tokens are used to feed a CryptoPet, level up a CryptoPet, transfer a CryptoPet, and mint new CryptoPets.
Chance of dropping different rarity of CryptoPets when minting
How to get HLT tokens

Every 1000 steps, from 1 to 4 chests with HLT appear on the map. The user must come closer to the chest and click on it. After opening the HLT chest, the tokens go to the user's wallet.

The marketplace is a platform where users can sell and buy NFT CryptoPets and Eggs.
Achievements system

The achievements system is an additional motivator which gives users an possibility to collect new eggs of CryptoPets. For example, "Getting 30 run medals " or "Winning 10 competitions."

The Stepogram service charges a 5% commission from:
- trading on the marketplace;
- competitions.
Anti-cheating system

The current version of the anti-cheating system analyzes the speed, distance, location, and data from the sensors of the user's phone, thereby removing the possibility of cheating while participating in a competition or a regular walk.
"Run medals" system

Leveling up or minting new CryptoPets will require a certain number of "Run medals".

"Run medal" is a game object awarded for every 10,000 steps taken (and recorded).

"Run medal" burns after use.

To upgrade from level 5 to 6 of a CryptoPet, you need to pay 15.00 HLT and 5 "Run medals".
This mechanic makes it necessary to use the application for its intended purpose - to increase the number of walks/steps taken per day.
Followers system

The followers system allows you to follow your friends and interesting people. After your request to follow some player, the second player must confirm that he approves the follower. After approval, the player is added to the leaderboard and you can see his steps for the day. Accordingly, the system will notify you in what place you are among subscribers and motivate you to come out on top.